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  1. Hello and sorry its been such a long time since I've blogged! I always mean to do it more often, but life seems to get in the way!!

    I've had a busy few weeks and been away from home for the last few weekends - a family wedding, a cricket final at Lords, a black tie do ... all of which were lovely, but I've started to feel so tired and in need of a weekend at home, that I'm almost resenting the intrusions! Then I start to feel guilty, as my life is so lovely and lots of people would love to have the opportunities I have and the family and friends I have around me, and it got me thinking ... am I being ungratful or does any of this make sense to any of you?

    Janettes wedding - 100911 004001

    I have a fantastic hubby, two lovely sons, three lovely step-children, two lovely granddaughters and some fabulous friends so I don't mean to sound as if I'm grumbling, but I really would love to make more of this business I've started but just don't seem to have anywhere near enough time for it. Hubby's answer sometimes isn't the most helpful - he just suggests I give it up if I don't have the time for it! When what I was actually thinking was wouldn't it be nice to give up the day job and do this for a living??!

    Oh well, back to the sewing machine ... orders to make up and so little time to do it!

    Lots of love

    Tina xx

  2. I feel I just have to blog today to share my wonderful weekend with you! Its been so lovely, I can't believe how lucky I am, to have spent so much time with great family and had such good times!

    Friday morning started really well with a 2 hour play session with the twins, which is always gorgeous. I then spent a whole hour being pampered having my hair cut by the lovely Jess at my local hairdresser. I always think its such a luxury when you're a busy person to spend an hour sitting in a chair making small talk! Fab though!

    Late Friday afternoon I had a lovely surprise when Ben, my eldest son, walked through the door, home for the weekend. He had leave and wanted to spend it with us. Steve, Ben and I cooked chilli together, drank red wine, then pootled off to the pub when Luke got home from work.

    Saturday afternoon saw Steve and I driving to North Devon for the 25th anniversary of the twinning society Steve set up in 1986, with the lovely French town of Baron. We had a delicious meal and danced the night away to fab local band, One for the Road. I think once people get to a "certain age" they have far less inhibitions and just want to go out and have fun!!

    Sunday morning lie-in was followed by a bacon sandwich cooked by Steve's nephew Simon and his girlfriend Nic, with whom we'd stayed the night. They made us feel so welcome, it was lovely. More food then as we took Steve's mum out for a tasty roast lunch, which I had to top off with apple pie and custard! (Well you just have to, don't you?).

    I was looking forward to a quiet evening, so didn't spend much time logged onto the pc, instead choosing to watch Country File. I was delighted, then to receive a text from one of my lovely new twitter friends Karen, to tell me I had been chosen by Theo Paphitis as one of his 6 #SBS (Small Business Sunday)! OMG - how excited was I!!

    sbs screenshot

    Today I have been inundated by lovely tweets and messages from people congratulating me and have enjoyed replying to every single one, whilst I've been at the Baltonsborough Village Show - which, by the way, was wonderful! There were thousands of people there and I had a great day!


    All in all, a most fabulous weekend.