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  1. Steve, Luke and I have just got back from a wonderful trip to the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, where we had gone to watch Ben's Sovereign's Parade and attend his commissioning ball. I am so proud I could burst!

     Commissioning Ball - 150411 027Commissioning Ball - 150411 023

    This is Ben just after completing the Sovereign's Parade - a big sigh of relief all round, after all the tension of the last few weeks!

     After the parade we had a lovely lunch then in the evening there was a gorgeous ball, themed as Alice in Wonderland, complete with a rabbit-hole entrance to the marquee and a mad hatter! There was also a spectacular firework display.

    And this is my gorgeous son in his new mess dress ready to join his new regiment! Doesn't he look handsome!

    Ben in mess dress

     I am struggling a bit with a hangover, so will add more in the next few days and keep you posted on his progress!

    Tina xx

  2. Feeling a tad washed out at the moment - didn't sleep very well last night and work up about 4.30am with my head full of lists! Things I needed to do - some cards to make, a parcel of fabric to collect, some texts I needed to send, chores to do - the lists seemed endless. At the same time I can feel myself getting all excited about Friday's trip to Sandhurst Military Academy for Ben's passing out parade (called the Sovereign's Parade) and his commissioning ball in the evening. At the end of all that and 11 months of hard slog he will be a 2nd Lieutenant in the British Army! I am so proud I could burst!




    Managed to get some of my chores done today (bearing in mind we've also had a two day "mock" OFSTED inspection going on at work) and then had to instruct Luke on how to iron his two shirts for the occasion, and take up his newly purchased dress trousers. I think, apart from the obvious pride in Ben's achievements, seeing Luke (my goth son) in a dinner suit will be another real highlight for me! I can't seem to settle to anything at the moment and just keep smiling to myself.

    Steve is watching yet more sport on the telly (a football match now that the golf is taking a temporary break!) but actually it means I can get on with stuff and not feel guilty! I've just been doodling some cushion ideas for the new ticking I've bought and have lots of beach hut type ideas going on. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get anything done before Friday, but would like to, as I don't feel like I've really created anything new for ages! Hopefully the beach hut theme will inspire a sale or two!

    beach hut


    I hope you've all had a lovely day although it has been a tad breezy for my liking!

    Tina xx