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  1. I've spent a lovely day in the garden today ... its been such gorgeous sunshiney weather, how could I not?

    I was out at the patio table sewing just after 9.00 this morning, listening to the birds singing and hearing the church bells pealing, surrounded by so many pretty plants and flowers.

    our garden in April 2011 001

    My sewing table this morning! And I had a bit of help from Digit our 13 year old moggy!

    our garden in April 2011 004 

    At the moment the garden is a riot of flowers, including this bleeding heart with matching pink tulips!

    our garden in April 2011 003

    I am so lucky to have such a wonderful work-room!


  2. Hip! Hip! Hip! Hoorah! The sun has got his hat on and he's coming out to play!

    I've had such a lovely day today and achieved so many things! The garden is now looking even prettier - Steve has mowed the lawns and I've weeded all the flower beds, so you can see the flowers at their best - the bleeding heart is looking spectacular next to the pink tulips and surrounded by clouds of blue forget-me-nots - I could quite happily spend all day in the garden when the sun's out!

    Well - the sun was out, so I dusted off my bike and headed off for a cycle ride into town and back - think its about 6 miles altogether. Boy do I ache in places I shouldn't!

    The sewing machine is coming out tomorrow though - hopefully I will be able to sew outside in the sunshine! I have lots of lovely bunting combinations in my head that I want to get on with! I might also make some more tealight holders - they look so pretty strung round the garden.

    Bella and the Moo - stock catalogue 006

    Steve treated me to a meal out earlier and now we're enjoying a bottle of wine. A perfect end to a perfect day!

    I hope you're all enjoying this lovely weather - rumour has it won't last!