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    Hello everyone and welcome to Bella and the Moo's website! This is my first blog here so please bear with me! The website has been a little while in the design and making and I am still tweaking and smoothing, so any comments would be really very much appreciated!

    Bella and the Moo is my passion, but I still have to hold down a full-time job too, so life is very hectic at the moment! I have my lovely husband Steve to help and support me, as well as my two gorgeous grown-up sons Ben and Luke, three lovely step-children Fi, Steph & Matt and beautiful twin grand-daughters Maddie & Freya.

    I am blessed to live in a very peaceful part of the country near rolling hills and also to work in the seaside town of Weston-super-Mare, so can enjoy the best of both worlds!

    The website will be a constantly changing, evolving feast, so please keep checking in as I really do value your comments!

    Tina xx