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  1. I'm very conscious of the fact that this blog is rarely updated. Last year was particularly trying and with the best will in the world I let it slip.

    However, I've decided to approach 2013 in a completely different way that I tackled 2012 - with far less stress and anxst, so here I am, hoping you all had a fabulous, fun and loving Christmas and that you are looking forward to the coming year, as I am.

    2013 will hopefully see new products added to the website while still keeping old favourites going, but I am not going to stress unduly if a week or so goes by without an order coming in. The positive way to look at this, I have decided, is that it then gives me lots of creative time to try out new ideas and designs!

    Wishing you all a warm, snuggled January.

    Tina x

  2. Hello lovely people and so nice to be blogging again after such a long absence!

    Its been a bit of a few months which explains why I have been neglecting my website and blog a little, for which I can only apologise. However, I now feel ready to pick up the reins again and get back into the swing of things.

    I have lots of Christmas ideas running round my head and have booked myself into several local Christmassy craft fairs and events, so hope to see some of you there with my new designs, which will include Christmas stockings and new colourways of Christmas bunting and tree decorations.

    Some items will be coming off the shop list soon and as from the new year I'm afraid some prices will rise - I have tried to keep them down in the 2 years I've had the web site up and running, but know I can't keep them static for much longer! I guess now is the time to order any bunting, cushions and other lovely items both in time for Christmas and before the new year price rises.

    Please do comment on the blog with any thoughts or requests you have. I'd love to hear from you!

    With love