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What a gorgeous sunny day its been today - shame I had to spend over an hour travelling a mile this evening stuck in a traffic jam. Unfortunately a lorry had overturned on the slip-road onto the motorway and the roads were chaos. I hope the driver wasn't too badly hurt.

When I did eventually get home it was still bright and warm out and I can never resist the chance to wander around our garden to see what new flowers are blooming. We have a trellis between the patio and the main lawn and flower beds and have planted four different clematis on it. The two early, bell-shaped ones were out in full force and looking stunning!

garden clematis plants 004garden clematis plants 003


It makes such a lovely screen between the two parts of the garden and looks stunning in mid-summer when it is strung with mini tealight holders too!

Hopefully the nice weather will stay with us till the weekend as I'd really like the chance to get to some car-boot sales on the look-out for vintage china and glass. I miss doing that in the winter when its cold, dark and wet!

Bella and the Moo - love heart hanger 002

I was also delighted to receive a parcel through the post with these gorgeous heart hooks in! I love finding really beautiful things to stock the shop with - its so exciting!

Tina xx


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