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I'm sorry I've been a bit slack with the blog lately - things just seem to overtake me and by the time I remember to think about it I'm ready to hit the sack! But today being my day off I've remembered!

I've just been busy listing lots of new cushions and china trios, hence the title of this blog. There's nothing nicer than sitting down in the afternoon to a cup of good strong tea and a slice of cake - probably why my waistline has expanded more than the national debt lately!! I've had several boxes of really pretty china sitting in my garage for months now so I thought it was time I photographed them and popped them on here!

 tea timefloral cushion 1

It was a bit of a struggle to get the photographs right - first when the sun came out I realised the camera battery was flat, then the wind got up and kept blowing the tablecloth off the patio table! However, I did get them all snapped in the end. I've got a reasonable amount of china now so am going to open it up for hire for tea-parties and events, as well as putting it up for sale here. Let's see what happens either way!

Our garden is starting to look really pretty now, as Steve is home on 3 months "garden leave" and is busying planting, mowing, cleaning and kreosoting everything in sight! Lots of summer teatimes outside I hope, if the long-range forecast is anything to go by!

I'm trying to think what else I've been up to since I last blogged and Ben comes to mind! I took him up to Worthy Down near Winchester on Monday as he will be there for 10 weeks doing a course. It was quite a long drive, but lovely to be with him as he took his first salute as a Second Lieutenant! I was so proud I was fit to burst!! I haven't heard anything from him for the rest of this week, which usually means he's having a ball and far too busy to text or ring his old mum!

The other exciting thing that's happened this week is I've managed to get a stall at a lovely May Fayre in the beautiful village of Stoke-sub-Hamdon near Yeovil. Its in the grounds of the gorgeous National Trust Priory there on Monday 30 May, so I hope to see lots of lovely people there during the day. Fingers crossed for sunny warm weather!


I will try to update this page more often, but please bear with me if it sometimes looks a bit like the Marie Celeste ... Bella and the Moo is getting a little busy and I still have my full-time day job too!

Tina xx

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