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Oh I am glad its Friday - not that the rest of the week has been awful, it hasn't, but as it was my first week back at work it was a bit of a shock to the system to be back in the hamster wheel!

Today has been a very lively, busy, full-on day and it's not quite over yet! My mind has been full of new ideas lately so I wasn't surprised to wake at 5.30am and be unable to get back to sleep because of all the things rushing about in my brain! It was good though because it meant I was up at Ikea by 9.45 having a cuppa waiting for the tills to open at 10.00! I find driving quite tiring so an hour's drive each way has caught up with me now, but I do like Ikea and being there twice in the same week is a complete novelty! Still - I needed the box frames so now I can get on with some new designs for personalised gifts! I posted Wednesday's blog a couple of days ago and already have some orders, which is great!

Fi brought the delightful twins over today and we ended up, once again, at the village park. They love going to the park and mum was really surprised at how well they could negotiate all the adventure playground equipment, including a climbing net! They'll have a go at anything!

I have been busy making more children's aprons today - some more seaside ones and some in the lovely pink Hello Kitty fabric which has matching bunting. I am hoping to list them this evening, if the camera battery charges in time! Then I think I'll collapse into bed with a book!

Steve and I are off to a christening on Sunday, which is what propelled me into making the first box frame sample, as a gift for little baby Annabel - I'm so glad I did!


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