August starts with a lovely flower show

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floral cushion 1I've become really bad at writing this blog - other things always seem to come first or I just can't think of anything interesting to say, so I've decided that I will just blog it like I see it!

Tomorrow I'm off to my first craft fair of August - its the Stoke-sub-Hamdon Flower, Craft & Produce Show. The last time I was there I had a lovely day, despite the horrendously wet weather, and met some really lovely people, with some gorgeous goodies! I'm sure tomorrow will be just as lovely - and on top of all that there will be gorgeous flowers too and a Ploughman's lunch before the madness starts at 1.30pm.

 ploughmans lunchflower show

I've booked into two other fairs this month - on 20th I shall be at the Guild Hall in Chard and on 29th (which is Bank Holiday Monday) I shall be at Baltonsborough near Glastonbury. That fair will be my first outdoor one so I am really hoping for a scorching Bank Holiday! I shall borrow a gazebo anyway, but I'm not sure how easy it will be to put up by myself!!


I sorted all my stock out yesterday evening, as I was having a bit of a panic about not having enough! I have struggled to find the motivation to make loads of bits and pieces while sales are so quiet - if things aren't selling, maybe there not the right things? I think I'll see what happens at these 3 fairs, then I may have to re-evaluate and look at designing some new items, as well as preparing for the big C!!

christmas image

People often ask me how I manage to fit everything into my day - working almost full time in the children's centre, making and selling with Bella and the Moo, and fitting in time with family & friends, keeping the house running etc. and I sometimes wonder myself, but I think if you love what you do it doesn't feel like work! Besides I get so much lovely feedback from my customers and potential customers that I must be doing something right, mustn't I?


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