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Hello! Well today is another day and I feel more positive than I did this time yesterday! I woke up feeling fragile but gave myself a good talking to on the 40 minute drive to work! It did make me realise how much I love my day job when I was sitting in one of our local parks at a teddy bear's picnic, surrounded by laughing children and families all having a lovely time in the sunshine. How fab was my job today being paid to be out in the sunshine??

I had some lovely lovely tweets and messages after yesterday's blog, all encouraging me to travel onwards and keep the faith ... it made me realise that everyone has these little wobbles but what makes us strong is being able to deal with them and move on with life.

I spent some time researching little love quotes for a new box frame I'm designing and one of the simplest, yet most touching, for me, was this:-

The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.

It set me to realise just how many beautiful things I have in my life - the love of a wonderful man, five beautiful healthy children & step-children, two absolutely adorable grandchildren, a lovely home, a great job, some wonderful friends and my health. How much more can anyone ask for?


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