Happy New Year - 2012 I'm coming to get you!

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I guess the title of the blog is meant to inspire - at least that's what I thought when I wrote it! Trouble is, I could do with some inspiration myself! After the flurry of craft fairs and Christmas shopping events in the weeks running up to Christmas, then the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the big day everything seems a bit "flat" now.

I'm searching for my Mojo! I seem to have misplaced it somewhere in all the activities from recent times ... I thought I'd be raring to go after taking 12 days off from any kind of work or creativity to celebrate Christmas with my family, but I must admit I'm struggling just to deal with a couple of small items which need making up for customers.

lost mojo

I've been fabric shopping and have several lovely new wipe-clean fabrics which I can picture made up into aprons, but it seems a huge step in between my imagination and my sewing machine at the moment! I'm also itching to produce some new products ... maybe fabric covered notebooks, bolster cushions and wedding bunting, plus I've ordered some gorgeous tartan fabric for bunting. I just can't seem to find the energy or enthusiasm to get on with it.

tartan bunting


Hopefully this is just time for my mind, body & spirit to replenish itself and I'll soon be raring to go. I'm going to be focussing a bit on losing some weight too ... my lovely group of twitter friends and I are all on the same journey and I weighed myself for the first time in ages this morning - ouch! I guess I kind of knew more or less where I was at but seeing it "in black and white" was still a shock to the system! No more kidding myself now ... I have 2 st to lose. Steve and I have promised ourselves a relaxing beach holiday (probably in one of the Greek Islands) when we've achieved our goal weights, so lots to aim for!


I'll keep you posted on the weight loss journey and in the meantime, if you come across my Mojo lying about anywhere, tie a ribbon on it and send it home where it belongs!


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