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I'm really dreadful at keeping this blog up to day ... my last blog was at the beginning of February! A whole month ago .. a month in which the Pope resigned, a comet hit Russia and one of the world's most respected paralympians is charged with murdering his girlfriend. As well as all of that, its been really cold this month and I've found it difficult to motivate myself when I get home from my 9 - 5 job. I just want to snuggle on the sofa and keep warm!

One of the really good things which has happened since the beginning of the year is both my lovely hubby and I have joined our local Slimming World group and to date (4 March), he has lost 19lb and I have lost 10lb. We're really enjoying eating healthily and supporting each other to get where we want to be. He has also rediscovered lots of his wardrobe which he can now wear again! I haven't quite got to that point but I am absolutely determined to get to my target weight of 9st by the summer. We have a family wedding in late April which is motivating me to at least get half way to my goal and to be able to buy a smaller dress and look not too bad!

However, we the new month and having booked a week off from the day job my mojo had made a tentative appearance and I have produced some lovely pinkness ...  a new floral and spotty bunting and a spotty apron and I'm sure more new makes will follow this week.

Tomorrow we are forecast 14c and sunshine so I may take the opportuntiy to get out and tidy the garden, but by Wednesday (and the forecast snow!) I will be back in the warm at my sewing machine waiting for inspiration to strike!


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